"Look, mortal, you know money is just another way to make yourself more powerful, right?"


Classic: Copper, silver, and gold!

Copper coins are one of the smallest units of currency in the world of HeliaBound. They are often equivalent to a loaf of bread, although your prices may vary based on region and time.

Silvers are worth 10 Copper, and will generally get you a nice meal, or a knife. Not worth a lot individually, that's for sure.

Gold coins are the quintessential medieval currency, one of these is worth 100 copper coins, and could get you a night's rest at a fine inn (But not a fancy one). They are often spent to enchant weapons and the like.


Honestly these could go with the other three. They are worth 1,000 copper coins. I haven't even thought of what these would buy... 1,000 loafs of bread, 100 meals, 100 daggers, or 10 nights in an inn. I dunno.


Real life currency

(Based on mid 2017 figures)

United States Dollars (USD)- Probably worth a copper coin actually... wait no... $2.50 for a loaf of bread? What? I need to get out more! (That's about 2 dollars per copper coin.)

Great British Pounds (GBP)- Let me look this up. It looks like you'll get either one or two loaves of bread for one GBP. Huh.

Japanese Yen (JPY)- The actual smallest (Non-Satoshi) currency in this list. You'll need about 1,000 yen for a meal, so 100 of these per copper coin.

I am NOT listing every currency. That is a lot of them. Onward!


Real life currency

I decided to include BitCoin (BC) at a rate of $2,500USD per BC. These coins are ridiculous! they are also the only real life currency not available in medieval settings. They are divisible to the Satoshi, or 10^-8. It takes about 2,000 Satoshi for one US cent.

Currency from SPAAAAACE

Avalonian Credits (AVC)- 'Cause I decided to include the avali 'cause I love them. 15,000 of these will get you a super small spaceship, but ships go up to millions of Credits, for the biggest (or best) on the market. $1,000 USD for 1 AVC... (They need a symbol) 2,500 copper coins for 1 AVC.

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