Character Progression

"Everyone should have the opportunity to improve. What would be the point in a stagnant universe?"

The Towers of Power

It isn't always beneficial to focus entirely on combat, there are other ways to resolve conflicts, and these require creative thinking and a few changes to your character.

Combat: The sweet, the simple, the quintessential.

That said, combat focus is still important in some campaigns, in some settings, and for some characters. With this focus your experience comes from defeating monsters and enemies.

Stealth: The unknown, the silent, the ghost.

Oftentimes, thieves, rogues, and other stealth classes would prefer not to engage in open combat. With this focus, your experience comes from disabling traps; successfully sneaking, hiding, and thieving; and getting stealth kills.

Magic: The bright, the wondrous, the spectacular!

Even if you are a wizard and partake in combat, this may be a better option for you. Not all spells are combat related after all. With this focus, your experience comes from casting spells, enchanting items and equipment, and creating charms or rings.

Social: The elite, the bribe, the liar.

Some classes aren't suited to combat at all! These classes, the magicians, the musicians, are much better suited to talking it out and getting their way without throwing a flimsy punch. With this focus, your experience comes from convincing others about stuff, pulling off political feats, and interrogating successfully.

Craftsman: The working class, the self-driven, the essential.

These are your working people. Mostly it's the NPCs who use this class, but it can be useful to be able to repair your own equipment. With this focus, your experience comes from crafting and repairing items, and selling items and haggling.


Characters can choose one of the towers to "focus" on. When they do so, their experience earned from that tower is 150%. Once a focus is chosen it cannot be changed, but don't take this to mean you should hold off on choosing a focus, it's only a bonus!

Gathering Experience and Leveling Up

As you go about your adventures, you will gather experience (△) in various ways. Experience's sole purpose is to measure how close you are to increasing your skills, measured in levels (⬡) Once you have achieved 100△ you have enough to level up! You may level up the next time you take a night's rest, or, if you are in the city, you may level up as long as you are out of combat.

To level up, subtract 100△ from your character and add 1⬡. Check any applicable bonuses from your class, race, and also the ones seen below here, and add them to your sheet as well.

Bonuses for Characters

While a majority of your bonuses will come from your class(es), there are some things that all characters receive.

All vs. Any

"All classes" bonuses are earned at a given level, regardless of what those levels are in. On the other hand, "Any class" bonuses are only earned if you have X number of levels in any given class.


Characters receive stat points (□) and skill points (☆) from this chart.

Stat points are used to increase a stat by one.

Skill points are used to level up skills.

Level Up Bonuses