Updated to v0.6.2

"You're messing up our lives!"

"We use your universe for our games because we didn't feel like creating our own. Have fun!"


Welcome to the world of Heliabound. This is a grand place of adventure and survival designed to keep players engaged over short sessions. It retains a lot of the detail of more complex systems while remaining lightweight enough for quick turns in combat and way more flexibility overall.


Characters (v0.6.2)

Character Creation (not currently available)

Races (v0.6.2)

Classes (v0.6.2)

Combat (v0.6.2)

Items (v0.1.0)

Preparing Your Game

You’ll need some trinkets before you are ready to start playing. As mentioned before, you will want at least 6 dice and at most 12 dice per player. If you will be playing a very combat oriented adventure, it would be a good idea to gather some mini figures and a battle mat. Those things aren’t necessary of course, but can be very helpful if your table prefers a more tactical style of combat.

Each player will want a character sheet, a pencil, and an eraser. Scratch paper or inventory sheets are very helpful, as a character’s inventory changes lot. It can also be good to have move lists written out for each player, since it can be hard to memorize all that combat information.

Rolls and Checks

12 sided dice are the only kind you’ll need to use. You’ll want at least 6 dice, but you’ll never need more than 12 per player. Whenever a stat needs to be resolved, the player who is involved with the action will get to roll 3d12 on a scale of 3 to 36.

The player may be given extra dice if their stats are high or if they have other kinds of advantage. When you roll with bonus dice, only keep the highest three values you rolled, than add them together. If that value is greater than or equal to the Defending Capability of the defending character or the Difficulty Challenge of the trap, the roll is considered a success.

  • Simple Task (DC 10+): Chatting up a tavern looking for quests.
  • Easy Task (DC 15+): Avoiding some rivals in a large crowd.
  • Normal Task (DC 20+): Most dungeon traps fall in this category.
  • Tricky Task (DC 25+): Performing a flip.
  • Hard Task (DC 30+): Climbing a sheer cliff face.
  • Impossible Task (DC 35, 36): Trying.

Competitive Checks

If you are doing something against another character, especially in the case of attacking, the DC of the roll equals the defending stat's DC. This prevents the need to roll twice for one action!

Updated 7/28/19