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"...forth from the breath of god came man. But the demi-gods were playful, and decided to experiment."

All characters have a heritage. Their heritage defines a lot about the way they interact with the society around them. A stoic brave vienna may ignore everyone who they deem ridiculous while a sociable human may do their best to lighten the mood no matter the circumstances!

Each race has a handful of traits that separates them from the rest of the cast, alongside their base stats. These traits define the way they take advantage of their natural abilities.

Races labeled as monstrous do not have any sort of continental connection with their brethren. Their lack of government prevents them from setting up large cities without some sort of overlord, as well as limiting their ability to travel without losing recognition of their feats, which tend to be recorded locally, if at all. The other races are considered organized and have mentalities and governments structured in such a way that self contained governing bodies and cities can be constructed and maintained for long periods of time without the need of a ruler from another race. As such, diplomacy and politics plays a much larger role in the lives of organized races.

Original Races


Stability Trinity

Chaos Trinity


Humans are the most populous and control most of the political spaces in the world. The only creatures that dare challenge the humans for dominance are the dragons, but the humans have a unique drive to conquer...


Goblins are driven not by an urge to conquer, but by ingenuity and discovery. Tinkerers are common amongst the goblins; their weaponry is of fine quality despite the rough appearance. Give a goblin a quality workshop though, and you'll have good enough equipment to fend off the horde of humans who despise your kindness!


Cat people. Split into two factions by a young kit who decided to pursue magic. Fearful of breaking the trinity, the elders banished the kit and his followers to live amongst the humans. The factions aren't at war, but things are tense at all times. Should a city dwelling vienna return home for the summer festivals, they'd best not mention the schism.

...to be determined...

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Dog people. There are three distinct variations of lapak; those that follow the goddess of unity live peacefully in the overworld amongst the other races. Those who don't are at war between plains, the cave lapak underneath the soil and the hellhounds from the fiery depths below.


Kobolds are commonly found serving others, but unlike lapak who serve out of compassion, kobolds serve because they can do nothing better. Dragons have for years suppressed the kobolds into nothing more than hordes of obedient slaves, but recently they've been growing mentalities of their own!

Race Guide


Interested in playing a physical damage dealer?
  • Brave vienna are the strongest overall, but they have the worst position in society of the organized races.
  • Hellhounds are good choices for a monstrous race. If you can get a whole party of lapak you could also buff each other's damage pretty high.


Magical characters aren't strictly damage dealers, their effects are varied and dynamic!
  • Humans, despite their position as the mind of the stability trinity, are not recommended. They slowly drain mana in exchange for energy over time.
  • Class vienna are a good choice for spell casters, but they are much better suited as familiars to a human caster. If you like casting smaller attacks while serving as a mana pool for another character, this is the way to go!


If you want to play a character who supports their allies and stays out of the way of incoming damage, look here.
  • Pet lapak are great for granting buffs to allies on the battlefield. They work with each other, too, so you could get a functional party of lapak.
  • Kobolds are the mirror image of lapak, in a twisted sense. They serve out of fear instead of compassion. Kobolds have less in the way of buffs, but are functional as a meat shield due to their increased armor. On the other hand, a kobold without equipment will burn through their small HP pool very quickly.


These characters are mostly based on the equipment they are using.
  • Humans can be adjusted to great effect with equipment. Simply by changing outfits, a human can fit into a new role in a matter of days!
  • Goblins are another good choice, they can keep equipment in good condition throughout a desolate section of the story.


Considering a class that needs a constant supply of cash for their constant material expenses?
  • Humans are a good choice to keep the gold coming in, since they are in a good position socially to get quests from large cities, access to castles and the like.
  • Pet lapak are good for performing classes, as their charisma is especially high.
  • Goblins are good for crafting and selling.


These classes are generally considered side gigs, but if you want to focus an entire character on crafting and repairs? That's dedication!
  • Goblins, obviously. They are literally built around crafting! If you're looking for an equipment condition manager, this is your best bet.
  • A class vienna works if you're considering magical items. Especially good for aiding an alchemist!