History of Heliabound


Updates will cover major changes to major mechanics and design philosophy.

Classes? Archetypes?


Restructuring classes and the purpose of leveling up.

In the next few updates, classes will be replaced with archetypes. As an archetype levels up, they will get to choose their abilities from a pool.

At a few major points in the game, probably alternating tiers (every 6-8 levels?) characters will get to choose a new mastery. These will be skill categories that would normally define each class. Currently under consideration:

  • Writing (Each language requires a separate writing skill)
  • Spellcasting (Each spellcasting form requires a separate spellcasting skill)
  • Programming
  • Weapon skill (Each weapon has its own mastery path)

Every time you level up with a mastery path selected, you will choose a skill from that mastery path's pool of skills. You will be allowed to choose a mastery at certain levels and/or through personal trainers. This may depend on your dungeon master. Or players may be allowed to change mastery paths after they level up, which would effectively allow characters to multiclass, DnD style.

Damage vs HP balance


Adjustments to combat volatility.

  • Base damage remains equal to your stat's value.
  • Class starting bonuses reduced from 10 total points to 4.
  • Weapon damages overall increased.
  • Base HP values for each race have been doubled.
  • Game volatility has been toned down significantly. characters will die in around 4 good hits instead of 2.

The Revival


General balance updates.

  • Speed was replaced with Agility. This recovers the function of the old dexterity stat, which was missing ever since vitality was introduced.
  • Stat points aren't as effective anymore. In order to raise a stat by one, you must spend points one greater than your current rank in that stat. This keeps me from needing to limit stat points given out as characters level up, and encourages not having two perfect stats and 2 in everything else.
  • Attacking cost for punches raised to 2 AP. Before this change, weapons with 2 AP cost were totally useless.

Character Refinement


Character creation details have been fleshed out.

  • HP is determined by size class and no longer scales with level.
    • Armor has been reconsidered as the main increase in defense as characters progress.
  • To offset this, smaller characters will receive more AP and take much less falling/crushing damage. Larger characters also have to eat more.
  • Temperature has been added to the game. Characters who are uncomfortable will lose AP per turn, characters who are freezing or burning up will constantly lose HP. Each race has a different comfortable and survivable range.

Old stats

There were two others that were recently in the game, Luck and Scavenging, that were taken out in favor of Talent and Awareness. Defense was removed for Dexterity, and that was eventually replaced with Vitality. And some really old dumb ones, from 2015. Way back then there were 18 stats, and I don't even remember what they all did...

Body {Strength: Wield, Combat, Carry; Agility: Mobility, Dexterity, Grace}

Mind {Focus: Memory, Spark, Intelligence; Intuition: Reflexes, Perception, Strategy}

Spirit {Willpower: Lying, Leadership, Optimism; Social: Fluency, Improvisation, Allure}

The ones in italics are the actual stats, and the others were just categories. Each paper had three skill slots, and two trait slots. We'll talk about skills and traits later.

A little slice of everything. For those who like to dig into the rules, even if it means nothing. There's a lot of stuff in this folder, and nearly 100% is archaic heliabound. Have fun!