History of Heliabound

Old stats

There were two others that were recently in the game, Luck and Scavenging, that were taken out in favor of Talent and Awareness. Defense was removed for Dexterity, and that was eventually replaced with Vitality. And some really old dumb ones, from 7th grade. Way back then there were 18 stats, and I don't even remember what they all did...

Body {Strength: Wield, Combat, Carry; Agility: Mobility, Dexterity, Grace}

Mind {Focus: Memory, Spark, Intelligence; Intuition: Reflexes, Perception, Strategy}

Spirit {Willpower: Lying, Leadership, Optimism; Social: Fluency, Improvisation, Allure}

The ones in italics are the actual stats, and the others were just categories. Each paper had three skill slots, and two trait slots. We'll talk about skills and traits later.

A little slice of everything. For those who like to dig into the rules, even if it means nothing. There's a lot of stuff in this folder, and nearly 100% is archaic heliabound. Have fun!