Updated to version 0.6.2

"Leave me alone! I need to focus!"

The Concept of Magic

Wizards interact with magic by spending mana out of their personal mana pool. Their spells are generally based on unique effects as opposed to raw damage, but there are still quite a few big kickers out there. Other classes gain traits as they level up, but wizards are instead granted more mana and access to new kinds of spells.

Magic Manipulation

Wizards aren't about serving a god in exchange for power. Magic, like other laws of nature, is consistent. All the most powerful wizards agree that magic can be used to great extent without the need for patronage, and they have colleges dedicated to advancing the understanding of how magical energies interact with the physical world.

Learning magic isn't cheap. It's either going to take your whole life or too much gold to carry. Using magic isn't cheap either: wizards have nearly the highest material costs to be effective. Only alchemy is more expensive.

Bonus Stats

♦ +2 Intellect

♦ +1 Wisdom

♠ +1 Talent


  • A spell book with 50 blank pages or 30 blank scrolls.
  • A quill and 5 bottles of ink.
  • 5 moonstones.
  • 3 tier 0 spells, to be written in your paper of choice.
  • A level 0 skill in any of the colleges of magic.

Colleges of Magic

Each of these colleges of magic

College of Energy

This college is all about transferring energy and finding ways to extract energy from the world as efficiently as possible.

College of Mentality

Manipulating others is the name of the game. These spells focus a little more on trickery, and controlling other characters.

Elemental College

A variety of status effects and attack spells.

College of Physicality

Spells for conjuring up or manipulating matter.

Leveling Up

Every time a character levels up as a wizard they are granted 5 mana and 2 resistance.

As you take your level, wizards are granted a 1 point discount in mind stats, with a minimum cost of 1 to raise your stats.

Spell Tiers

Wizard spells are each labeled with a tier. Wizards are able to cast higher tier spells as they level up. Every 5 wizard levels allows the character to cast spells from the next tier up, starting at tier 0.

  • Tier 0 at Level 0-4
  • Tier 1 at level 5-9
  • Tier 2 at level 10-14
  • Tier 3 at level 15-19
  • Tier 4 at level 20-24
  • Tier 5 at level 25

Tier 5 spells are absolute units, and are only available to wizards who have dedicated their entire lives to the art of spellcasting.

Learning New Spells

Choose 2 spells from tiers the character can cast in each time the character levels as a wizard. These spells can be learned the next time the wizard is in their own sanctum, or if they have access to a library.

Spells can also be learned directly from other spell books found as loot. You may copy these spells into your own spellbook during a rest instead of healing, or wait until you are back in town. Spells take time to copy equal to the tier of the spell in hours. Tier 0 spells take half an hour. When copying spells in this way, you use up one bottle of ink each hour.