Updated to version 0.6.2

"With great strength comes a really nice body!"

Fighters are all about strength. They can learn to read and condition their opponents all while staying light on their feet and avoiding damage themselves.

A fighter’s level up skills are exclusively combat focused. They dedicate their lives to their training and become the most feared and revered characters in the world!

Lore Description

Bonus Stats

♥ +2 Strength

♥ +1 Speed

♥ +1 Vitality


  • (a) A shortsword and a buckler or (b) a longsword.
  • A leather chestplate and a pair of boots.


Level 2

Fierce Strike Drain 4 energy to make the damage of your next attack 150%.


Patient Parry Drain 5 energy and take no damage from an attack. This move fails if the attack deals more damage than your max HP.

Level 4

Strength Boost Add 2 to each of your body stats (Strength, Agility, Vitality) and recalculate their DC and rank.

Level 8

Hard Read Choose a melee move that a character just used. The next time the character attacks you with that move, you grapple that character instead.

Level 14

Crush Punish Drain 5 energy and punch a nearby foe for twice your normal damage. The targeted character loses their next turn.

Level 23

Conditioning Choose a melee move that a character just used. Next time they use that move against you, you can dodge it for free. You can only have one move declared at a time.

Leveling Up

Every time a character levels up as a fighter they are given 1 armor.

As you take your level, fighters are given a 1 point discount in body stats, with a minimum cost of 1 to raise your stat.