Updated to v0.6.2

"It's always fun to see what the little ones choose to do. It's surprising how few of them ever get their dream job."

Classes are the driving force of unique problem solving throughout the game. Each class has different tool set at their disposal that tackles a host of problems throughout the world, not just combat. In any circumstance, classless characters have no opportunity to grow!

Fantasy Classes

*not all of these are even close to ready



Archers would prefer to hang back a bit, like some kind of magic user. Bows are more expensive to maintain, but are deadly enough that it's best to just keep your archer happy and on your side.

Fighters are all about dealing damage in the simplest way possible: with good form and a flashy weapon.


Wizards require a bit of preparation and a lot of study to master their practice, but give them half a minute to draw out their sigil and they'll wipe the floor! And everyone on the floor!



Bards have studied music down to the very fabric of its existence, and use their songs to drive their foes insane! All while picking up some spare gold. ♪♪♪



Knights are incredible at soaking up enemy AP with their defensive techniques, and they'll stand between you and your enemies so effectively even you'd think twice before shooting over their shoulder.



If an adventuring party comes into your house and they don't have a rogue, it's already too late. If an adventuring party comes into your cave and they don't have a rogue, you're already dead.



Alchemists would much rather sit in their labs than be in the midst of combat, but you don't rake in as much cash outside of the dungeons, and ingredients don't come cheap.